📅 June 25th 2024 [External]

Albert Heijn's Journey Towards Net-Zero: Farm- and Product-Level Impact Assessment by the European Sustainable Food Coalition

Explore the practical steps and methodologies behind Albert Heijn's frontrunner story in assessing and mitigating environmental impacts at the farm and product levels. Gain insights from sustainability experts Jens Gronheid (Albert Heijn), Jasper Scholten (Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk), and Dr. Bernhard Wohner (inoqo).

📅 May 7th 2024

How Food Retailers & Brands Can Unlock Value using Farm-level Data

Hear from experts Markus Linder, Founder & CEO of inoqo, and Heinz Flatnitzer, Global Head of Emissions Value Management at dsm-firmenich, as they share practical strategies and real-world examples to help you leverage farm-level data for sustainable decision-making and business success.

📅 April 17th 2024 [External]

Measuring and Communicating the Environmental & Socio-Economic Impact of F&B Products at Scale by the European Sustainable Food Coalition

Our CEO, Markus Linder, Co-Initiator of the European Sustainable Food Coalition, launched the coalition's first online event. The event featured speakers from industry leaders such as Migros, Ahold Delhaize, FoodDrinkEurope, the European Commission, and many more.

📅 March 27th 2024

Engaging Customers for a Greener Future: Learnings from the inoqo Sustainable Food App

Over the past three years, the inoqo sustainable food app has been a guiding force for thousands of consumers in Austria, empowering them to embrace a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Learn actionable strategies for keeping customers engaged and how to nudge them towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

📅 February 27th 2024

Leveraging science-based targets to drive change in grocery retail

How do we transform grocery retail to meet the economies global shift to net-zero? Lubomila Jordanova, Co-founder and CEO of Plan A, and Markus Linder, Founder and CEO of inoqo, will explore together the critical path to decarbonising the grocery retail sector.

📅 February 7th 2024

Assessing the Environmental Impact of a Cacao Drink through all LCA Stages

Our Head of Research will unravel the intricate world of environmental impact assessment in the grocery retail industry. Join us for a real-life assessment journey, exploring every stage—from farming to consumer disposal—of a cocoa drink.

📅 December 12th 2023

CSRD Compliance - Insights and Solutions for Grocery Retailers

Discover how to navigate the complexities of the CSRD and unlock the potential of ESG reporting for grocery retailers—join our expert-led webinar for actionable insights and strategies to lead in sustainability compliance and innovation.

📅 October 11th 2023

Mastering Sustainability Metrics in Grocery Retail: Your Comprehensive Guide to Scope 1, 2 and 3

Find out about Scope 1, 2, and 3 assessments within the grocery retail sector, and uncover the significant implications of forthcoming EU regulations on sustainability reporting and compliance.

📅 August 30th 2023

Product Carbon Footprint Assessments: Analyzing Norway's Leading E-Grocery Retailer Full Assortment Impact

We showcase a real-life example with Norway's top e-grocery retailer, sharing their playbook for assessing the impact of 6,600+ food and drink products.

📅July 25th 2023

No Moo, No Foul - How NOMOO's Ice Cream and inoqo’s Impact Assessments Transform the Food Industry

We discuss the climate impact of dairy & how NOMOO's plant-based ice cream & inoqo's assessments are reducing the food industry's footprint.

📅June 27th 2023

Green Claims, CSRD & CO - Get Prepared With Product Related Sustainability Data and Food Labeling

Stay updated on upcoming EU regulations, their impact on the food and drink industry, and the importance of food labels and sustainability data.

📅June 5th 2023

How 3D Printing is Reshaping the Food Industry

Learn about the tech shaping the F&B industry, why sustainable food matters, and how consumer education can drive demand for greener options.

📅April 24th 2023

Sustainability Assessments in the Grocery Retail Space

Hear from experts on how certifications like ZNU can make a difference and how inoqo's solutions can streamline your sustainability reporting.

📅March 8th 2023

Consumer-Centric Strategies for Reducing Scope 3 Emissions in the Online Grocery Space

We tackled big issues like cutting down Scope 3 emissions and making deliveries greener.

📅January 19th 2023

The Future is Sustainable: Leading the Way in the F&B Industry

We cover the tough spots retailers and brands are hitting as they try to go green, and point out the chances to do better.


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