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How does it work?


We gather publicly available data as well as non publicly available data in our platform.


Based on leading research and scientific databases, we first quantify the impact of ingredients, transport and production methods


Our PIA platform will deliver an accurate Impact Assessment for your own products and an estimated impact assessment for third-party products.

Why should you label your product?

Financial advantage

Attract new customers looking for transparency and win their loyalty.

Competitive advantage

Reap the financial benefits of the  first mover advantage in your industry.

Regulatory advantage

Anticipate upcoming regulations and stay compliant from day one.

Product Impact Assessment (PIA)

The PIA label is calculated based on all data you share with us about ingredients composition and origin, farming methods, transportation and storage, just to name a few.

Product Impact Estimates (PIE)

The PIE label is an accurate estimation of the impact of any third-party product. It relies only on publicly available data. The PIE is based on "worst case realistic scenarios"- so-called Performance class E data - so the score of a PIE will always be lower than the one of a PIA.

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  • Find out how we calculate the environmental footprint
  • Learn how to engage customers and promote sustainable products
  • Get the latest information and guidelines
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