Food Product Impact Assessment for Grocery Retailers

Profit Generation and Emission Reduction in Food Supply Chains: Strategies for Grocery Retailers

This whitepaper serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the impact of our food systems on the environment and the planet. It provides strategic solutions for key players in the food industry to reduce emissions within their supply chains,creating new revenue streams and ultimately leading to a competitive advantage. Whether you are a retailer, an F&B brand, a food supplier, or a policy maker, this guide is for you.

Scope 3 Emissions
Scope 3 emissions encompass a broad range of emissions related to product production, manufacturing, transportation, product use, and disposal. These emissions can comprise over 90% of a retailer's total emissions. However, retailers often have limited direct control over Scope 3 emissions, making management and reduction challenging. inoqo SaaS Platform empowers you to comprehensively assess Scope 3 emissions across your entire food and beverage product assortment and in a cost-effective manner.

The Affordable LCA at Scale
Our methodology is in alignment with the comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, allowing you to assess the environmental impact of your complete F&B assortment throughout the entire product life cycle, from cradle to grave. This facilitates the swift identification of emissions hotspots in your supply chain, providing a baseline for ongoing improvement.

Navigating the Regulatory Waters
Keeping pace with European Commission directives and upcoming regulation can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. From CSRD to Green Claims, our methodology aligns with these forthcoming regulations, ensuring your ongoing compliance and peace of mind.

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