Optimise every single Product at ingredient level and start managing your impact.

Find out about impact hotspots in your product value chain and start optimising. One ingredient at a time.

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How does it work?


After the PIA assessment, our platform will identify impact hot spots along the value chain.


No matter if the impact hotspot is related to transport, to farming or the ingredients, our platform will propose more sustainable alternatives.


Our platform will re-calculate the impact of your product after switching to more sustainable alternatives.

Why use inoqo?


Identify optimisation opportunities at one glance & understand where you have the most leverage to reduce the impact.


We don’t just provide you with an emissions breakdown according to ingredients & processes but also recommend more sustainable sourcing alternatives.


Reduce your scope 3 emissions significantly and move one step closer to reaching your overall CSR and net zero goals.

inoqo is a holistic Product Impact Assessment (PIA) & Impact Estimate (PIE) data-driven solution.

Our assessment relies on robust Life Cycle Analysis.

Download Food Product Impact Assessment for grocery retailers

  • Find out how we calculate the environmental footprint
  • Learn how to engage customers and promote sustainable products
  • Get the latest information and guidelines
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