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Why Inoqo?

We have a strong team, but we always aim for greater talent density.

We don't merely seek people with certain years of experience in a specific field or skill. We focus on finding people who are drivers, not just doers; problem-solvers, and not only issue-spotters. We choose humble people who elevate our collective energy, inspire us to improve, and who are far better than us in at least one area. Those who take freedom and return with ownership.

We’ve found these people deeply care about sustainability and want to leave their legacy in solving climate change. They work to make an impact and be part of the solution.

As a company, we have a long way to go. We're still learning to walk, but we're set to run a marathon one day.


Creating an impact

We aim to make a positive impact on our planet and its people. This is the core value of inoqo. Our impact also goes beyond just our product. We strive to reciprocally influence each other's lives for the better.

Valuing trust

Everyone is trusted to give their best and make decisions that are in the best interest of the company. All inoqies are gifted full autonomy to own and get their work done. Yet, we always back each other up!

Embracing feedback

We cherish open and direct communication. No sugarcoating and no beating around the bush. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts. We champion 'constructive' as well as 'positive' feedback, as it helps us improve and grow further.

Challenging ourselves

We never settle for the status quo as we are all on an expedition of lifelong learning. We always seek countless opportunities to improve our product and raise the bar.

What is waiting for you

Set your own working hours
Work from home if you prefer so
2 days of menstrual leave per month
Team activities in-person and remote
Knowledge sharing through meetups and fireside chats
Lifetime chance to make an environmental impact
Opportunity to live more sustainable
Focused Fridays for focused work
Flat structures and inclusive atmosphere


Nikola Lugonja

Head of Recruiting

Reach Out
Nikola Lugonja
Head of Recruiting
Reach out

Nikola Lugonja

Head of People

What to expect

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