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We gather data directly from your value chains and provide you with a robust internal assessment.

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How does it work?


We gather publicly available data as well as non publicly available data on our platform.


Based on leading research and scientific databases,we first quantify the impact of ingredients, transport and production methods.


Our PIA platform will deliver an accurate impact assessment for your own products and an estimated impact assessment for third-party products.

inoqo is a holistic PIA / PIE data driven solution.

Our assessment relies on robust Life Cycle Analysis.

Why use inoqo?


PIA is a holistic solution that allows you to accurately measure the Product Impact of your products, but also estimate the Product Impact of any third-party brand.

More than CO2

Our PIA solution measures the Product Impact across 8 different dimensions along the value chain providing much more comprehensive insights into the total Impact,


Thanks to our AI-driven algorithm, our platform can calculate the full LCAs on thousands of products in a short amount of time allowing us to keep the costs very competitive.

Risk Free

We can calculate any score. Although we recommend our PIA and multidimensional label, we can provide you with calculations of your preferred methodology.

Hassle free

If the EU or your home country decides to introduce mandatory labelling, our flexible technology allows us to adjust our calculations to any future requirements.

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