From App to B2B Sustainability Software in the Food & Beverage Industry

March 20, 2024

In 2020, amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, inoqo was born with a mission to empower millions of consumers like you to make informed decisions aligned with your values. In a world full of misinformation and lack of transparency, we aimed to simplify the process of choosing products that promote sustainability and health.

It's not goodbye; it's just a 'see you soon' 

Since our app's launch in 2020, we have encountered great success thanks to your support. Together, we've made significant strides in fostering healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. We introduced gamification and nudging features, such as monthly raffles and challenges, which inspired thousands of users to understand the environmental impact of their purchases and transition towards more sustainable options. With over 12,000 registered members and 18,000 receipts scanned, your collective efforts have led to a remarkable reduction of over 5 t of CO2e emissions in 2023 alone! This achievement is not just a testament to the power of collective action but also underscores the significant impact small, individual changes can make when amplified across a community. 

In 2022, several prominent grocery retailers approached us, intrigued by the calculation engine driving our app. It became evident that our vision could be realized on a larger scale by partnering with these retailers, food suppliers, and F&B brands to accelerate the decarbonization of the food industry and communicate their impact transparently to consumers. As we reflect on this incredible journey, we are profoundly grateful for your unwavering support. While we bid farewell to the inoqo app, it's not goodbye; it's merely a "see you soon." Through the new inoqo's Product Impact Assessment software and its Impact Database, containing thousands of datasets on all possible plant and animal-based products for countries around the world, aligned with IPCC and EU PEF guidelines, we aim to manage our resources more sustainably and achieve a wider impact. 

Special 'Thank You' to Our Impact Partners

The inoqo app supported companies in their transformation towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We would also like to thank companies that used our app to gradually promote and reward sustainability among their employees, such as SAP, Erste Bank, Uniqa, and many more. They participated in monthly challenges, received rewards related to sustainability, and gained insights into their CO2 impact individually and collectively. 

The Future of Sustainable Shopping

Imagine walking into your favorite grocery store and easily identifying the most sustainable products, not through an app but directly on the shelf, informed by an inoqo’s Product Impact Label. This future is just around the corner, and you may experience it sooner than others depending on your location.

Based on our positive experiences and research, we now propose to our grocery retail customers a forward-looking approach that integrates the successful features of our app, encompassing impact analysis, sustainable alternatives, and gamification strategies, directly into the retail experience—both in-store and online. After a thorough Impact assessment across their entire Food and Beverage assortment thanks to inoqo calculation engine, Food Retailers can now engage customers with ongoing sustainability progress, help them achieve personal sustainability goals, and win their loyalty through various innovative strategies:

  • Informing customers with inoqo’s Impact Analysis displayed in-store or online, offering sustainable alternatives that align with their values.
  • Building awareness by printing the climate score on receipts, complemented with a QR code for deeper insights into the purchase's impact.
  • Encouraging participation in sustainability initiatives through loyalty card connections and automated feedback, alongside invitations to challenges and raffles.

Adopting sustainable practices positions retailers as preferred partners for consumers, enhancing loyalty by supporting their transition to healthier and more sustainable diets. By shifting the sales mix to include more sustainable, high-margin, and organic private brands, retailers not only cater to the growing demand for more sustainable products but also improve their profitability and reputation.

A Vision Shared and Multiplied

Our transition from a consumer app to a B2B Product Impact Assessment software solution is more than a change of platform; it represents a multiplication of our impact. By partnering with grocery retailers, food suppliers, and F&B brands, we aim to accelerate the decarbonization of the food industry and enhance transparency in consumer impact communication and engagement.

If you are interested, we invite you to stay connected with us through LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this exciting new chapter. Your dedication and support have been the cornerstone of our journey, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, making an even more significant difference.

Also, there is a webinar on this topic titled "Engaging Customers for a Greener Future: Learnings from the inoqo Sustainable Food App" on March 27th at 4 PM CET. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the inoqo sustainable food app's journey and discover how you can apply these tactics to your own business for a greener future.

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March 20, 2024

by Laura

from inoqo

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