The Future is Sustainable: Leading the Way in the F&B Industry

In this session, we explore the importance of sustainability & what role the impact of F&B products is playing in the sustainability transformation of the F&B industry. We discuss the challenges retailers and F&B brands are currently facing in their ecological transition, and highlight the opportunities for players in the F&B industry. The webinar presents solutions to address these challenges and successfully reap the benefits of a sustainability transformation & improving your products’ impacts. It also includes insights from a retailer perspective on how they are navigating these issues.

Key points you will be learning:

✅ The increasing pressure for transparency and eco-friendly products from consumers and regulator

✅ The challenges and opportunities of meeting this demand while remaining competitive and profitable

✅ Solutions for evaluating and reducing the environmental and social impact of F&B products, including LCAs and supply chain assessments

✅ Engaging with consumers to educate them about sustainability and encourage eco-friendly choices

We are joined by experts in the F&B and retail sector:

- Manuel Linder, Senior Digital Strategist & Lead Innovation Manager at Migros, Switzerland's largest retailer with a strong focus on sustainability.

- Markus Linder, CEO and Founder of inoqo, a retail solution which enables retailers, F&B brands and suppliers to assess and optimize the impact of thousands of products along the whole value chain.

- Frans Van De Schootbrugge, Director of Program Management at Publicis Sapient, a digital transformation consulting firm that helps businesses design and build customer-centric experiences.

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