Sustainability Assessments in the Grocery Retail Space

Get ready to discover the importance of sustainability assessments in the grocery retail space, including the ZNU standard, a recognized certification standard for sustainable retail, and its key components. You'll also hear from inoqo, a leading provider of sustainability reporting and certification solutions for grocery retailers and F&B brands, and how their solution can help you improve sustainability reporting and compliance. 

Key points you will be learning:

✅ Discover different types of sustainability certifications and why they're important in the grocery retail space

✅ Learn about the ZNU standard, a recognized certification standard, and its key components

✅ Hear from inoqo, and how their solution can help improve sustainability reporting and compliance

Introducing the speakers:

- Dr. Matthias Hauser, Senior Manager of Sustainability Standard Development at ZNU, with over 23 years of experience in product development and scientific communication.

- Markus Linder, CEO and Founder of inoqo, a retail solution which enables retailers, F&B brands and suppliers to assess and optimize the impact of thousands of products along the whole value chain.

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