Green Claims, CSRD & CO - Get Prepared With Product Related Sustainability Data and Food Labeling

CSDDD, CSRD, ESPR, EUDR, Green Claims …

Is your head already spinning? Navigating the EU regulatory landscape with regards to sustainability truly can be a challenging undertaking. However, now is the moment to choose whether you want to be a leader in sustainability or follow the crowd at a slower pace. Product related sustainability data and food labeling initiatives can be of immense help. Retailers benefit by being pioneers, meeting consumer demand for transparency, being prepared, and aligning their value chain before penalties are imposed. Not sure where to start? We talked to experts in the field, namely Koen Boone, Gilbert Rukschcio and Markus Linder, and invited them to share their insights in a webinar. They will talk not only about what initiatives are out there, but how they could potentially impact the F&B sector and the most important steps you can take to get prepared.

Key points you will be learning:

✅ Understanding the EU regulatory landscape & what is coming up

✅ Spotlight on the F&B industry & possible impacts on it

✅ How a potential timeline for the proposed green claims directive could look like

✅ The impact of food labeling & why product related sustainability data can be a game-changer

Introducing the speakers:

Koen Boone is a renowned expert with over 20 years of experience in measuring sustainability on various levels, from farm to product. As the Director Europe of TSC, Koen collaborates with global NGOs, universities, and companies to develop and standardize methods for measuring sustainability at the product level. 

Gilbert Rukschcio is a leader in public affairs and sustainability. With extensive experience in Brussels, he bridges the gap between businesses and the EU, enlightening us about the importance of regulations in the F&B industry. 

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