Product Carbon Footprint Assessments: Analyzing Norway's Leading E-Grocery Retailer Full Assortment Impact

Are you a grocery retailer facing uncertainty about efficiently evaluating the environmental impact of your diverse product range, especially before implementing Green Claims, CSRDD or other upcoming EU regulations?
If you're already in the process of assessing your products' environmental impact but need guidance on using these assessments to connect better with your target customers, this summary is for you.

Assessing the environmental impact of numerous F&B products, including white-label and third-party items, can be a daunting task. The INOQO sustainability intelligence platform offers a solution to make this process manageable and cost-effective.

Curious about the best approach to start? Learn from experts in the field, including Aurora Vildskog, a Sustainability Accountant at Oda with expertise in Finance and Strategy, and Bernhard Wohner, Head of Research at INOQO. They will guide you through a use case involving Oda, a leading grocery e-retailer in Norway. Discover how they successfully assessed the environmental impact of over 6600 F&B products while delivering their SBTi report.

Through this practical use case, you'll gain insights into a step-by-step process and understand the importance of acquiring both primary and product-specific data. This journey will equip you not only to navigate the complex landscape of environmental impact assessment but also to align your business with sustainability goals and customer expectations.

Key points you will be learning:

✅ Understanding the prerequisites to begin your Food Product Assessment 

✅ A detailed step by step approach to Comprehensive Assortment Impact Assessment

✅ Distinguishing Between Category Average Product Assessment and Product Specific Assessment

✅ Effectively Communicating Your Values to Engage Customers Successfully

Introducing the speakers:

- Aurora Vildskog works in Oda, the leading online grocery retailer in Norway, since 2017 with accounting and now as a Sustainability Accountant. She is  responsible for the climate accounting and sustainability reporting, and is also working on various sustainability projects and initiatives. 

- Bernhard Wohner is a sustainability advocate and an ex-scholar with a doctorate in Science from TU Vienna, with his PhD thesis about sustainability assessments of packaging, particularly focusing on packaging-related food waste. With a background in landscape planning, agrarian pedagogy, and natural resources management, he made a significant impact in various roles: from being a sustainability expert at "GLOBAL 2000" to a researcher in packaging technology, a sustainability manager at a packaging producer and lastly as a senior consultant for life cycle assessments at Sphera. Now, as Head of Research at inoqo, he continues his mission to drive innovative and eco-friendly solutions for a more sustainable future.

The event was moderated by inoqo's Co-Founder and Head of Marketing Hélène Saurais.

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