inoqo joins EU Horizon project 'CHOICE' for climate-conscious food chain change

January 3, 2024

In the next 36 months, alongside other companies, we're dedicated to combatting climate change by providing science-based solutions to reduce emissions in the food industry.

Our mission is clear: to support demand-side climate-conscious changes in the food system, contributing to the 1.5°C climate goal. Over the next 36 months, alongside other companies and organizations, we are dedicated to combating climate change by providing science-based solutions for assessing and reducing carbon emissions within the food industry. The CHOICE is an EU-backed initiative that aims to promote a climate-conscious food chain by encouraging individuals and businesses to adopt responsible food choices that minimize their environmental footprint.

How it works?

It achieves this goal through innovative tools like Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), which are essential for planning ways to stabilize the climate and assisting policymakers in making better decisions. However, traditional IAMs primarily focus on reducing emissions on the production side, overlooking the demand side and food systems due to their complexity. CHOICE aims to make IAMs more mainstream by integrating them into the choices and decision-making processes of consumers, producers, and stakeholders in the Food, Agriculture, and Land Use sectors. This involves improving IAMs to better represent behavior change and the diversity of actors involved. To achieve this goal, CHOICE uses a combination of social science and marketing tools, including digital immersive tools, data storytelling, and gamification.

Here is a glimpse into the exciting possibilities we can explore.

As we start this exciting journey, we're eager to welcome more partners to join inoqo’s use case – specifically, grocery retailers interested in testing product impact communication. Throughout the project, you have the flexibility to conduct either a single or multiple use-cases to evaluate their impact on customer engagement and behavioral change. We can discuss whether to assess your entire F&B assortment or a subset, depending on the chosen use-cases. Additionally, we can align on the trial methodology, such as implementing A/B testing across different stores or regions, or opting for an ex-ante/ex-post comparison. Some of these possibilities are:

1. Initiate pre-purchase marketing efforts to create awareness about your products' impact using labels and QR codes, visible on product detail pages or in-store posters.

2. Ensure a seamless shopping experience, both online and in-store, guiding customers towards climate-friendly products and providing transparency through impact assessment insights.

3. Commend your customers, whether they shop online or in-store, for making climate-friendly purchases. Showcase their most environmentally friendly product choices and suggest similar options for future purchases.

4. Provide personalized shopping behavior analytics, encompassing CO2 footprint reduction, comparisons with local shoppers, information on your most climate-friendly products, and details on impactful purchases.

5. Incentivize sustainable purchasing with either loyalty points or exclusive discounts.

Let's Collaborate on Your Scope 3 Emission Reduction!

Every choice made by individuals in the food chain, whether big or small, has an impact on the climate. These collective choices contribute to achieving zero emissions in the agriculture, food, and land use sectors. At inoqo, we conduct product impact assessments for grocery retailers, F&B brands and other food companies, calculating the climate, biodiversity, and social impact of all your food and beverage products. Reach out to us at to explore how we can guide your business towards a low-impact future.

January 3, 2024

by Laura

from inoqo

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