Breaking News: EU Environmental Council Adopts Nature Restoration Law!

June 17, 2024

Yesterday, the EU Environmental Council took a monumental step by adopting the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), marking the final stage for this long-awaited proposal to become law. This outcome is a tremendous victory for Europe’s nature, climate action, citizens, and future generations.

A special thanks to Austria’s Environment Minister, Leonore Gewessler, whose decisive action at the last minute changed the country’s stance and safeguarded this crucial law. This law stands as one of the EU's most significant environmental policies, requiring member states to introduce measures to restore nature on a fifth of their land and sea by 2030.

Key highlights of the Nature Restoration Law include:

- Legally Binding Targets: Specific obligations for nature restoration across various ecosystems – terrestrial, marine, freshwater, and urban.

- Climate Mitigation: Measures aimed at mitigating climate change and reducing the effects of natural disasters.

- Pollinator Protection: Strategies to reverse the decline of pollinator populations.

- Organic Soils and Peatlands: Restoration measures for organic soils in agricultural use, including drained peatlands, one of the most cost-effective methods to reduce emissions in the agricultural sector and enhance biodiversity.

- Urban Green Areas: Efforts to prevent the deterioration of restored areas and promote an increase in urban green spaces.

We are very proud of Austria’s Environment Minister, Leonore Gewessler, and grateful for her courage. After the Nature Restoration Law was adopted, she shared these inspiring words: “My conscience tells me unequivocally: When the healthy and happy lives of future generations are at stake, courageous decisions are needed. That is why I voted for this nature conservation law today.”

Thank you, Minister Gewessler, for your leadership and commitment to a sustainable future. 💚

This regulation will help the EU fulfill its international environmental commitments and restore European nature to its former glory. Let's celebrate this historic achievement and continue working together towards a sustainable future!

June 17, 2024

by Laura

from inoqo

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