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Founded in 2020, inoqo is a conscious lifestyle app that aims to support users to make everyday better informed shopping decisions. In a world of over, mis- or blurred information, inoqo wants to provide consumers with scientific-based data on the environmental, social and biodiversity impact of familiar grocery products. Our mission is to help all of us align our daily purchasing decisions to our key concerns so that we can actively contribute to a sustainable production-consumption cycle. The app uses a specific innovative technology that can passively and smartly track the user’s grocery basket and inform them about -for example- the CO2 impact of their purchase and how aligned it is to their environmental priorities or social values. The solution will actively recommend alternative products of lower impact and encourage them through personalized content, gamification and community challenges to further pursue a sustainable lifestyle. We strongly believe that our daily habits can change the world. Our vision is to enable millions of consumers around the globe to learn why and how their consumption decisions impact biodiversity, climate and their own well-being. We want to accelerate the change towards sustainable production: as users consume more responsibly, they create healthy competition between companies who start to produce responsibly.

We have ten years left to cut our CO2 emissions by half and our food systems alone are responsible for 26% of our global emissions.

Hélène Saurais
Head of PR
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Company Facts
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