How to Recover From Knee Surgery

Depending on the type of injury and the specific procedure a patient has to undergo to repair it, recovering from knee surgery is not as difficult and drawn out a process as it was just a decade or two ago. With advances in technology and developments in the tools and techniques available to orthopedic surgeons today, many patients can make full recoveries from previously debilitating injuries, oftentimes with minimally invasive surgery and shortened hospital stays.

The development and mainstream implementation of arthroscopic surgery in particular has helped many people, athletes and regular folks alike, continue to enjoy an active lifestyle and extended career beyond what was previously possible.

ACL Reconstruction Los Angeles

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Knee Surgery Recovery Tips

The first and most important step in any injury treatment and recovery process is to seek medical attention from a reputable and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon who understands not just the injury, but a patient’s lifestyle as well. A surgeon who is also a runner will have a better understanding of how important it is for a runner with a torn ACL to return to the track after surgery in a way that a non-athletic doctor might not.

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Choose the best treatment option for your situation. Is surgery the right choice? Or will a more conservative, non-surgical approach yield a better result? Decide what’s best for your situation after evaluating the doctor’s advice.

Take the recovery process seriously. While a particular exercise or stretch from a physical therapist might seem superfluous or unnecessary, strength training and flexibility are essential to supporting the knees.

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